[1.189.039] Space Pod Spawns Extremely Distant from Centre

Kothe shared this bug 3 years ago
Not a Bug

I'm experiencing an issue with the new Space Pod spawns.

My public server relies on a central asteroid field for mining and PVP (located at 0, 0, 0) and so new space pods are preferred to spawn in at around 25-30KM from the centre. I don't even run with procedural asteroids at all because I like to concentrate people together in the early stages of the game.

After the survival update, in a completely empty world this works fine. But as soon as a few people are established in the world, spread across different planets and out in deep space, the spawn radius for new Space Pods shoots up to 1000KM (and even up to 30,000KM from the centre in a densely populated world). This happens on old worlds as well as new.

I've played around with all the sandbox settings regarding optimal spawn distance and they did nothing to change this, so I'm looking to see if this is actually an unintended bug that could be fixed by reverting Space Pods to spawning at a set radius from the centre of the world which doesn't expand (like in the pre-release system).


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We encounter the same problem. The new respawn ship mechanic seems glitched... or maybe it's intended ?


Response from Inflex from Discord...

"New respawn system is environment aware and places newly spawned players at interesting locations, preferably close to friendlies or any other players, in that order of priority."

My response...

"This is extremely damaging/disruptive for many PVP world setups because of what's reported here: https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/1-189-039-space-pod-spawns-extremely-distant-from-centre

Can the option please be given to choose to base spawn location (at least in space) off a set GPS location again. This decision to automate based on what the game thinks is a good spawn location just means world designers are having creative control removed and options limited. New updates shouldn't mean less options.

Surely having new space pods spawn 1000 to 30000KM from the centre of the world, so distant from all planets you can't even see them, when there are no procedural asteroids and literally nothing out there, isn't considered a good thing for encouraging player interaction."


I have redirected this to a feedback ticket at the advice of Inflex.


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