[1.187.089] Big list of reoccurring bugs (DS Survival)

Daze Dream shared this bug 4 years ago

3 Joining issues;

-For new players wanting to join, our server appears as not responding according to them on steam. Restarting the server fixes this.

-Direct connect does not work

-New players are unable to spawn, restarting game usually fixes this, but sometimes it is persistent until server restart. One of our players has this problem again, restarting has not solved issue. I do not know if this is relevant but our server does not appear in his history since this started again.

In-game issues

-Sometimes releasing ship from base connector will make thrusters not work. Server restart is the only fix.

-Sometimes a grid will incorrectly display power consumption, and not respond to changes due to thrust.

-There is always atleast 1 sound going on when it shouldn't be. From thrusters, refinery noises, helmet-on heartbeat etc. If you do not have a sound looping you will soon get one.

-Ore detector hud elements sometimes remain displayed despite distance and leaving cockpit.

-Rarely, a car could fling into the air and disintegrate into the ground.

-Medical bay's resupply will often stop working until server restart. sometimes it just works again for a few minutes before breaking again.

-With reactors setting "use conveyer system" turned off, other grids' reactors will pull uranium out.

Experimental feature bugs

-Programmable block's edit button is grayed out and apparently empty (as it said main was not found.). Scripts are enabled on the server.

-Wolves' AI totally borked. They stay idle where they spawned and repeat attacks. Other times wolves run in a straight line from spawn endlessly.

-Wolves spawning inside grids causing clang problems

-Air pressure blasts when placing, finishing welding or destroying blocks, very common to see. Seems to be a grid by grid case, some grids do it and some do not. No danger posed by this bug, just weird and sometimes laggy.

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