Allow timer block time and sensor distance to go all the way down to zero.

Hank Jimbo shared this feedback 2 years ago

Right now they're both a minimum of one, which limits the timer block's speed and the sensor block's accuracy in some cases.

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While i can see reasons (lag) to no allow the timer to go to 0, as for the sensor block, Please... Let me have my zero range sensor in a direction i don't use.


I guess for sensor blocks the only reason it is disallowed is so you can't accidentally create a 0 volume sensor. When I'd set some value to 0 it is usually when I want a sensor to only work inside its own block. I.e 1.25m to each side, 2.5m in front and 0m in the back. +1 for that proposal.

As for the timer block, I think it is fair that we have some delay for performance reasons, but a use case for a shorter delay may be helpful to discuss this in more depth. Anyways, if the timer block allowed 0 I would only understand that to mean "never times out" and I'd use blocks configured like that with the "execute now" functionality only. (I think the timer block could be modeled as a general trigger block with an optional delay.)