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New default server settings for factions in multiplayer

T shared this feedback 7 months ago
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Pay to win with multiple alt accounts can be easily abused and it is an open secret in the SE community, especially on official servers with a player limit of 16 but no faction member limit. You can have 11 members 20+ alts in one faction.

One can simply register a new steam account, purchase a basic space engineer game and transfer the PCU to a dummy account. Making it unfair for other players and problematic for admins to proof it. Because one can simply use a second computer or game streaming service to avoid IP tracking.

I propose to following:

1. Member limit per faction

The default number should be half of the server player limit. (Can be changed in world settings page)

2. Faction diplomacy.

Player Faction to player faction peace should have a time limit of 1 hour (by default and can be changed in world settings), a warning message will show up on the player screen 5 mins before peace expiry and ask for 1 hour extension.

This allows trade activity between players but can stop players from creating dummy factions and link them together.

3. SUS spawn formula

This is a bit tricky and maybe challenging to implement. Player faction grids in close distance with other player faction grids will spawn SUS after 1 hour.

This will discourage dummy factions from building together. At the same time a PvP / trade activity lasting longer than 1 hour deserves an SUS.

4. Player faction PCU transfer limit

Ban PCU transfer between player factions.

(Unless it is admin or via a trade contract which does not exist yet, see economy 2 update suggestion)

Players with no faction can transfer PCU to players with no faction.

Players in the same faction can ONLY transfer PCU within the faction.

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I would suggest adding a rule : prohibit ownership transfer: To go around PCU limits you only need to spawn an alt at your base and place a welder, transfer its ownership to the main account. This is done without needing to transfer PCU, join the faction or make peace.

An alert should also be given to the owner if his grid contains at least a certain ammount of foreign PCU, which would result in the grid being deleted after a certain time if you take no action.


I agree on this and want to add it to my suggestion.

The principle of my suggestion is to discourage the over use of alts, destroying the over all multiplayer experience.

In a multiplayer server, when a faction has 5 active players controlling 30 accounts worth of PCU to fight 5 other players, it is not multiplayer, it is psychological therapy for them and frustration for others.

The game is about engineering, not pay extra to slap guns on a grid and the market has plenty of these games already.

If keen wanted this they would have charged extra for PCU, but this is not their intention.

I hope the developers can address this as soon as possible!


Just make this happen.


You pointed out one of the most significant flaws in SE multiplayer.

The paid Alts destroys the overall gaming experience.


Economy 2 update suggestion related to this post, link below:

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