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Economy update 2 suggestion

T shared this feedback 3 months ago
Not Enough Votes

Here is an achievable update suggestion, should be less challenging for keen to implement:

1. NPC stations/contract block should be used as “space stock exchange”. Price volatility shared across the entire server based on real time supply and demand mechanics. Inflation mechanism should be considered in game. NPC factions will also have a reserve of sc and resource to begin with, this affects the type of contract they generate. Zone chips /NPC ships will be the main products to generate income if reserve is low. When reserve is high NPC will generate more pirate contracts/events, higher player bounty price.

2. Players can bid/items/player owned ships/ deposit sc for buy/sell orders in NPC stations/player contract block. Seller/Receiver can set the item collection station from a list as a form of contract.

3. NPC ship price should be calculated based on the real time value of the material cost of the grid + Profit(%depending by NPC ship availability)+ PCU*tax%(depending on the NPC faction)

4. Player ship price should be suggested based on the material cost of the grid, price should be ultimately set by the player(for profit). PCU*tax set by NPC/player faction depending on which contract the ship was held in. The buyer can also see the real time market estimate price/the actual sell price/seller rating/ship block names breakdown/ items stored in the ship. Players will need to collect the ship before contract expires. The buyer PCU need to have enough sc and PCU to purchase the ship, once the contract is I accepted, the buyer PCU and sc will be temporarily deducted until end of contract.

5. Ship seller will hold the PCU until the ship contract is complete. Once buyer arrives and sit in cockpit of the ship(via contract GPS, the contract will auto complete, sc/PCU / grid ownership will transfer.

6. Seller will be allowed to store ships in a virtual hanger/resources in NPC stations only. This is the pros and cons of player contract blocks vs NPC contract blocks. Player faction leader will set the tax% and the tax goes directly to faction contract block account, the faction can also set contracts to buy resources such as zone chips to keep the trade zone running.

7. For every item purchase (demand) in NPC station the economy will generate delivery contracts (supply) based on the demand/supply activity. This will cause a ripple effect across all NPC station contracts and ultimately affect the ore /ingot/component/ship price in the game.

8. 3D Space map view in the GPS sub menu which allows players/NPCs to chart texts, vectors, spheres, distance measurements and GPS zoom in/out in faction/personal/neural view and show grids within the laser/radio antenna coverage.

9. Events: special contract which can only be activated when 2 factions are present to accept in separate NPC faction stations.

The contract will spawn when 2 NPC factions are high in income reserve.

Once accepted, the npc drop ship will spawn in the safezone to pick up the players and jump to a random station(grinding/welding/building disabled) far away in deep space (like a scenario) for team death match/capture the supply/ attack and defend missions or even battle against AI(if keen does implement AI). The winning team and losing team will need to escape via npc drop ship back to NPC station to complete the contract. Then all NPC ships and scenario de spawns. The losing NPC faction will transfer funds to the winning NPC faction as reward and winning team. Losing player team will lose the contract application money.

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Any upgrade on the current GPS system would be much appreciated.

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