WS2012 steamcmd crashing with starting exe

Drake Tickner shared this bug 2 years ago

My previous ticket seems to have been deleted, however I am still having the problem with my SteamCMD server crashing when I attempt to start it.

To recap the prior ticket, there is no log file being generated and the application window does not open, I simply see the instance in task manager appear and disappear in a fraction of a second.

This happened on my WS2008 directly after the update of a functional server, I then upgraded the OS to WS2012 and thus with a fresh install of the OS it still happens.

As per prior ticket, DX and .NET are up to date.

As per prior ticket, I have reviewed %programdata% and \AppData\Roaming\ repeatedly.

I apologize for submitting another ticket, but since my last one was deleted I had little other option to make my bug seen. I am unsure what caused the ticket to be deleted, I was only offering all information about my server, responding as requested and even apologized for following directions from staff that had been incorrect during troubleshooting.

My apologies to the developers for the game bug and appreciate any assistance.

(edit: I was able to find / produce a pdf of the prior ticket and have attached it to this one for reference)