[Playtest v0.7.0.8AADC4] Area stays claimed after deleting the Claim block

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 5 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

When playing in my new Creative world I have noticed that if I delete a full payed 7 days Claim block = the area stay claimed green and I can't add new Claim block.


1 - Create a new creative world.

2 - Paste a few old blueprint to create a small village.

3 - Claim 6 to 10 areas and pay all taxes (full payed).

4 - Delete 1 Claim block or 2 in the center of your area

5 - Noticed that the area stays claimed and you can't add new Claim in this area.

Workshop item world :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1648752464

Some Claim Blocks are already deleted in the center of the village but still claimed :


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