[Playtest BUG Creative] Voxel not loading flying within 3 square map grid

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 4 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

When playing in my creative world I've noticed the Voxel not loading while flying within 3 Square Map Grid, well it load but takes a lot of time to.

Reproducibility : Always


1 - Start a new creative world > Use my save link below (SI is Off)

2 - Go to a wooden fortress at the village road access and fly to the stone fortress (Levos Fortress)

3 - Noticed that the Voxel is not loading and will take a lot of time to load.

Additional information :

I was making changes on the terrain, here and there using the Voxel tools and when the terrain is not loaded in properly = I was not able to modify the Voxel materiel using the sphere tool changing grass for soil.

World zip save is my last save done in the playtest and was working well no CTD so it's yours to use if you need.

The Dropbox link :


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