Multiple Bugs (part 7)

József Szabó shared this bug 5 years ago

Bug 1: Trees that do not fall are a pain to cut. A log just hit me with the speed of light, and instead of dying, I am stuck with 0 health, standing, able to attack, but unable to move, and a locked camera. I also can't commit suicide with backspace... What is dead may never die... (okay, GoT jokes are kinda overdosed in these, sorry)

Bug 2: On world load, dead barbarians are in static T-pose instead of ragdoll. Not a big deal, but a bug none the less.

Bug 3: If the top of a non-pine tree is the last thing to cut down, it will most likely kill the player, as the Log will be spawned half into the ground, launching in a random direction, which is for me was always the player's direction...

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