Multiple Bugs (part 4)

József Szabó shared this bug 5 years ago

Bug 1: Destroying blocks with full inventory simply deletes any resource that has no place in your inventory. WTF Keen?

Bug 2: Sadly, I don't know how it happens, but it is quite common. It happens at least once per session. Some blocks get a red outline and stay that way for the rest of the session. Sometimes happens to flora as well, but they get white outline. (copied from part 1)

Bug 3: Replacing the "Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up/Down" with "Ctrl + Anything/Anything" for setting block distance is not a viable option since it works press by press instead of holding. If you fix this, I will put another 500 hours into this masterpiece. If you also do this to the 3rd person character distance, I'll travel to Prague and hug each one of you.

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