lifetime of the our DS is reduced to 6 hours

Pisces shared this bug 5 years ago

at best, with one player on it playing. Lifetime is decreasind the more players are active on the server.

Since the Patch before March or at the end of Feb, the "memory leak" is a serious issue. Also the continuesly re-occuring crashes.

this post contains all the server logs since the 1st of march, before that date, the server was running, not perfectly, but running for some time, now it is only a matter of hours and players, till the crash occurs.

My last observation was, when i was connecting to the server, the additional player connection caused the memory usage to increase spike by about 300 MB RAM, without building anything, just moving around. After i left, the memory was still allocated. The server obviously not freeing any memory, Cannot say why.

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