Invisible Fire

Edriel shared this bug 5 years ago

Moving forward to the other problem: the invisible fire.

Basically my castle is very very big and I put a lot of wall-torches/floor-torches and even if before expanding the castle itself there was a "similar" graphical glich which made the light of the torches disappear if I moved the camera in a certain direction (and it reappered if I moved the camera to the opposite), now the light has completly gone in 99% of my torches. ALWAYS.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours to "re-lit" 80% of the torches and I didn't finish because I was tired doing it, so I saved and today what happens? The light has gone again.

This is very annoying and frustrating.

I know that in my castle there are a lot of torches (and so particle effects), but as I said in the other thread this is a sandbox game, why should I limit myself in what I want to build?

Please fix this problem.

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