Grids flagged as "claimed" not getting updated properly

shad shared this bug 5 years ago


Area A: claimed

Area B: unclaimed, adjacent to A

When you start a new grid in B and continue it, so it extends into A, it won't be flagged as claimed, not even after reloading the world. This is particularly problematic when you or the server do trash, respectively abandoned grid cleanups, since the grid in B will not be considered as claimed and therefore gets deleted, even though it got partially claimed after it was extended into A.


  • To confirm the bug, open the Medieval Master screen and enable "Show trash information"
  • In the trash removal section, set to only delete claimed grids
  • Claim an area
  • Go to the adjacent, unclaimed area
  • Start building blocks in this area and extend the grid into the claimed area
  • Notice that the trash information will not update the grid as "claimed" and therefore it will be included into the prior set trash removal setting (only delete claimed grids)

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