Glitched Blocks

Anteramian JG shared this bug 5 years ago

This all started when I placed stone cubes in front of my house then picked some of them up.

A few of these cubes have become 'stuck.' I cannot unbuild or build them with a hammer or dig them out. They cannot be targeted to allow Admin/mod powers to delete them either.

In this same area, I have noticed if I dig next to the blocks and aim upwards sometimes it will allow me to build them but the hitbox is very very picky.

Sometimes I can attach blocks to the sides, sometimes I cannot. Simple structures like 2 log pillars collapsed and took out 4 stone cubes, about 8 walls and two fences?!?!

In addition, timbers are laying on the ground and the target/hitbox is broke so they cannot be picked up, deconstructed or constructed. I am very frustrated as the whole region seems bugged.

It almost seems like I am upside down for targeting. Before I used to just go play another region but now various areas are bugged in the same way with the targeting. It keeps getting worse and worse.

I have not changed any of my keybindings or x/y/z axis rotation or sensitivity - I have done nothing to configuration settings. I am using the same keyboard and mouse as before - no changes at all.

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