Crates not showing picture until content is changed

David Merrill shared this bug 5 years ago

See attached photo.

What kind of data do I need to collect for this?

This is a DS v0.7.1.95A3A6 but I have seen this occasionally in SP too.

DS running from main game folder.


1460979100 Ranged Weapons Racks (.7 Ready)

1510019093 Chicken Coop (.7 Ready)

1402358323 Tool Rack (.7 Ready)

953672741 Apple Trees (DS)

1088868028 The Matchlock Musket

845870421 Mushroom Farmer

916273051 Working Casement Glass Windows [0.7]

1351589887 Hidden Stashes [0.7]

1364791586 The Art of Brewing [DS]

1305114721 Re:Plant

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