Bugs that I have found so far. 0.7.1 also can not get email verified for forums.

Syc holic shared this bug 5 years ago

First 2 are Ultrawide/Cinemascope issues with screen resolution and scaling of viewports 3440x1440 21:9 1:1 forced aspect no scaling allowed display setting

Screen stretch/tearing on welcome screen


Loading a world transition bug


Object bug with diagonal overhanging emplacements when attaching to the straight overhang. when standing looking outward the right side attaches like you see in the photo, but the left sides do not. leaving a large gap. (for clarity the inside is the top of the image looking downward so the left is in fact the right side of the image)


AI will attempt to climb up hills endlessly that they can nor ever will able to traverse. the pathing code is not checking for vertical angle when creating the pathing thus leaves the AI in a endless attempt and typically does not get retasked with a new path because it doesnt see the old one completed possible?


Global website issue: I can not get a verification email for the forums to register my account. I have already created the account so making a new one would be hard to do as my name already taken. I have tried using 'contact us' on the main website/forum and its been a week without any kind of response. if this could be addressed and my forum account vetted I would appreciate it.

If staff has to email me directly to do so thats fine. https://forum.keenswh.com/members/sycholic.3985133/

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