[BUG Report] v0.7.1.58B755 - Rope Drum does not retract smoothly

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 5 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

When playing in my creative world I have noticed that the "Rope Drum does not retract smoothly on catapult and pull Carts"


1 - Create a new Default "Creative" world.

2 - Paste my Catapult Blueprint, Workshop item link below.

3 - Retract it by turning the wheel for it to be ready to shoot (see image below).

4 - Noticed that it will not retract smoothly but will stop a few times while retracting to the ready to shoot position.

Workshop item link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1658276965

Additional information : Same problem when I pull a Cart and also when I pull a simple timber reported by a member on Steam with a short video of the problem, link :


Image of the retracted rope ready to shoot :


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