Are these bugs?

Iron Sword shared this bug 5 years ago

Ok ever since the new 7.0 updates my game has been running very choppy with mods loaded in the game. It never used to do this. This game is so unstable I don't enjoy playing it anymore! There are bugs galore!

- Whenever I chop a tree down the logs and branches tend to go flying everywhere at times.

- The hit boxes are all interrupted you cannot even chop a tree most of the time until you remove a bush or something near it to clear the hit box.

- When building a stone wall I have noticed that the hit box on some walls disappears. Like when I need to remove one there is no hit box. I have to dig around the wall to somehow hopefully create one or sometimes place a wall on or around it before I can remove it.

- When mods are loaded into the game it runs super choppy. I can't even record my series on youtube because the game is crap.

- There is no sound for the crossbow when fired or loading

- No sound for my footsteps or the barbarians either

Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just me? Are these legit bugs?

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