[0.7.1][vanilla]Lower FPS and slowdowns since 01 of March 2019

TonyOakFields shared this bug 5 years ago

Whatever has been changed in the latest tiny update, my guess is, kinda broke the game in how it processes entities and such. Yesterday, 1st of March of 2019, I've started to experience low fps and slowdowns every other minute or so. I've even turned off Aninsotropic Filtering, effects, but kept the quality of most things in medium to try to keep above 30fps(never had that issue on the same world created new in 0.7.1), I've also turned off advanced audio and such, still the same issues.

I've seen deer fall from the sky and start to roam as I get near an area, so this might be related to the issue.

My only changes to this world yesterday were:

1)built a stair and walkway access(timbers, diagonal timbers and planks made from scratch no blueprints/premade) to my previously placed windmill tower

2)started building a new timber framed building but never got past the empty first floor

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