[] Block distance key behavior is extremely inconsistent with other block movement

ThinkInvisible shared this bug 5 years ago


Attempting to bind a keyboard key to the Building > "Move block closer"/"Move block farther" keys results in those bindings being inconsistent with behavior of the other block movement (rotation) keys. Such bindings are also nigh-unusable, as they only move the block by a tiny amount once every keypress in compound mode, or not at all in non-compound mode. As such, in compound mode, any significant change in distance will require an extreme number of keypresses. One exception to this behavior: the scroll wheel (default key for these inputs, when combined with ctrl modifier) functions as expected in both modes.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Enter Options > Bindings > Building category. Assign any keyboard key (tested with Numpad - and Numpad +, as well as Home and End) to either slot for "Move block closer" and "Move block farther". Also, take note of the existing keyboard keys for another axis, e.g. "Vertical +" and "Vertical -", for later comparison.

2. Enter a game.

3. Start placing any block that allows for free rotation, e.g. a bed on the ground. Aim towards an unobstructed patch of sky so it snaps to its current placement range. Ensure that Compound Mode is on, visible as the object not having snappy movement as the mouse is moved. (Behavior noted just in case I got compound mode off vs. on mixed up)

4. Assuming that the block starts at maximum distance from the player: press and hold the newly bound "Move block closer" key once. Observe that there is no notable change in distance of the block.

5. Press the newly bound "Move block closer" key quickly and repeatedly. Observe that there is a very small change in distance of the block whenever the key is pressed once -- only notable if at close range or when pressed repeatedly.

6. Press and hold the block rotation key that was noted above in Step 1. Observe that, as is normal in compound mode, the block rotates smoothly and continuously while the key is held. This is inconsistent with the distance movement behavior noted in Steps 4 and 5. Expected behavior is that the distance keys also apply continuously while held.

7. Switch compound mode off. The object being placed should now appear to be snapping to a small grid.

8. Press the newly bound "Move block closer" key quickly and repeatedly. Observe that there is no change at all in the block's position.

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