Technical Issue DE#1

BlueRap shared this feedback 2 years ago

DE#1 13:50 on Europen Time

I made a Jump with my ship (3600km). Game loaded. Somehow it has shown me two locations at the same time. One location at the targeted GPS and one 12.6km away from the targeted GPS. My ship have a subGrid (Drills with Pistons) that while rotation the Camera been shown on the targeted location and the ship 12.6km away. Another information is that my Jump beem done in space but it showed me 0.06 P-Gravity, which came from nowhere. After leaving the control Seat my character started to spin very fast and i couldnt controll him. I did some respawns but it kept getting worse. (Other players report aswell strange activity during that time. 5min ago the Game crashed and I couldnt log in for 10min (other servers worked fine. 15min later i joined back and everything seemed to look fine except that i spawned with my ship and subgrid 5km away from my targeted Gps (like beween thouse two locations.

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This is a Video of the Issue.

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