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[SUGGESTION] Craftable Armor for Suits

Keagan Harmon shared this feedback 6 months ago

As for Ship combat, it is pretty fleshed out in terms of different armors and techniques to combat other ships. But I would say that if someone wants to be more versatile, having armor options and other useful goodies as just a player would be ideal.

I think having armor upgrades to suits would really improve boarding actions and what not. Low tier, extra 50 health. Med tier, 100 extra health and a few weak spots for low caliber defences like interior turrets. Heavy tier, no extra health but no weak spots but less speed while walking and hydrogen tanks deplete more.

One can even suggest armor abilities, to stir the pot some more. Deployable decoys, consumable obviously, but good for trying to come up to a ship without a ship. Radar jamming capabilities for short range so you don't appear to enemies but only allies, could even scramble interior turrets and cameras/sensors, but also consumable for a limited time of effect. Perhaps even a limited time use of a HUD that scans a ship and highlights certain components in different colors based off systems?

I think it would be really cool, since it would make players use the different guns more and think more about load outs before a mission to hijack or disable a ship when their ships is all shot up and as a last ditch effort, they hop out to a final stand.

It might be a bit of a stretch but encouraging different styles of Gameplay is always a good idea if you consider it.

What does the community think?

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I love the idea of giving yourself a reason not to die so frequently. I'd love to see this pan out too, however if the default avatars haven't been updated since launch, I wouldnt hold out any hope for customized characters.

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