Proposals to reduce voxel damage, in general!! (especially for Wasteland type servers)

Maddious (Old Account) shared this feedback 3 years ago

These proposals to reduce voxel damage, in general!!

Extra options for local & dedicated servers:

  1. (When Enabled) to only allow voxel damage with drills & hand drills!! (Excluding Voxel Tools)
  2. (When 1 is Enabled) to allow warheads to demage voxels.
  3. (Integer/Slider) for base voxel health points(Voxel base HP), that are than used with multipliers for different voxel types, like sand, dirt, stone, ore's!
  4. Add voxel changes reset tool, to Voxel tools for admins! (Manually Voxel Trash Removal)

Some ideas for some quick fixes, so that planets get less holes in them, like rover landings/flipping so on:

  1. Increase healh points(HP) for all planet surface voxel type's.
  2. Take a special look at Pertam!! (As every wasteland server admin would be grateful)


These ideas came about as a Admin for Wasteland Server for the Xbox platform.

I hoop that a server admin's everywhere support these improvements that are suggested here!?

So please vote!!

ps, I'll circulate this via Odyssey Community, Discord's from time to time, as this can be a game changer performance wise, especially for rover type settings, like a Wasteland server.

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i think you have some of the numbers and units wrong...

VoxelAgeThreshold is in minutes, so the default is 24 minutes

the 2 distances for players and grids default is 5000, this is meters

so, with the defaults, after 24minutes of all grids and players being 5000m away, voxels get reverted...

players AND server owners can just change all of this as and when needed... devs dont need to change the defaults.


Thanks, I update and just removed it.

On Xbox it's 1km/3km for players/grid's but, if that is in minutes.

With xbox Nitrado servers am not sure it's in minutes, but it not important for the main suggestions here.


enable AdaptiveSimulation if you havent already, it helps with performance of many things, including voxel impacts


On my test server that's on, I'll ask the main owner for our Wasteland server if that's on.

Thanks for the suggestion, but still like to have option to limit voxel damage to drills only, especially for the xbox community, so please vote on it :P

What the devs do with it, is up to them. These are just some suggestions, for general performance and less/no holes at canyon bridges.


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