Occasional Crashes, Frame Rate Drops, Latency for Multiplayer Games on Xbox Beta

Lee Lovelace shared this bug 4 years ago

Hello all. For the past three days, I have experienced a significant increase of instances where my game freezes for 2-5 seconds and sends everyone but the host seemingly flying a meter or two in a different vector than they had pre-freeze unless they were completely stationary pre-freeze. After a while, my Xbox will not recover from one of the momentary freezes and my game will crash and force close itself, sending me back to the Xbox Home screen. It only seems to occur in multiplayer, and it affects all players in the game including the host. It seems to regularly start between 15-20 minutes after loading up a multiplayer game AND having at least one player PLUS the host in it. Below is everything I can think of to help address or at least bring attention to this:

Platform: Xbox One X

Game version: 1.194.106 retail

Other players' platforms: 1 Xbox One, 1 Xbox One X

Frequency: Occasional, increasing in frequency as time passes

Triggers: Unknown; having 2+ players seems to be required

Seen on: Earthlike, Moon, Mars, Space, Asteroids

Steps taken (issue present after attempted fix?):

- Start new world (yes, after time)

- Play single player (no)

- Restart game (yes, after time)

- Restart Xbox (yes, after time)

- Restart wireless internet (yes, after time)

- Use Ethernet (yes)

- Use different host (yes)

Please let me know if more info is needed or if you're having a similar issue and/or have been able to remedy the issue long term or permanently. Thank you!

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