Magnetic strips

George Zeng shared this feedback 3 years ago

While I like the fuction that the landing gear serves, I never really like how they looked. With a few exceptions, I have never really used the landing gear in many of my builds, preferring to simply land on a planet or moon directly. Rather than a full landing gear, I would love to see a 1x1 or a 1x3 magnetic strip that serves the same function that I can simply put down directly on my hulls to land on planets and moons.

Furthermore these mag strips could serve other purposes similar to landing gear with half the necessary space such as large landing pads that hold the ships, docking ports that don't use connectors or merge blocks and are more compact than landing gears, or simply putting them on the sides or tops of ships that can be used to hold smaller ships while still maintaining the smooth lines of a hull.

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I wanted to build a flatbed transporter, and to secure the cargo a 1x1 magnetic strip would be perfect. But this can have quite a few other use cases as well.

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