Battery recharge bug?

Paweł Blagski shared this bug 2 years ago

Hi i'm considering quitting this game.

-energy is being generated at my base and it's being wasted (current output lower than max output)

-battery on base is working correctly

-small grid ship batteries were working correctly until i build large grid one on my base

-now batteries set to recharge on ship (regardless of base battery setting) are stagnating (depleted in -)

-when i set ship batteries to auto they discharge (my wind turbines current output is still lower than their max)

-i grinded large base battery down and ship batteries started to work normally

-reloaded game and turned large battery off instead of grinding and it made no difference (ship ones still bugged)

-yes i thought about restarting game/computer

Last time i played space engineers few years ago this wasn't a problem, i've been playing with experimental mode on then and now.

Any help to fix this issue will be appreciated.

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