Session stops if Steam is disconnected

PÁRKÁNY shared this bug 2 years ago

Even when a very short internet disconnect happens and Steam loses connection, the game kicks you back to the main menu from your own world. This can be annoying because you can lose progress if the autosave wasn't too recently. What I think should happen instead is that, when Steam loses connection the host doesn't get kicked from their world and only the peers get disconnected (obviously, if the internet goes out), but they can easily reconnect later. I understand that mainly my internet connection is at fault, but there's nothing I can do about that. In my opinion, it would be more convenient if the game could better handle an internet disconnection while hosting a world.

Reproduction steps:

-Start/load a save set to any type of online.

-When it loads, disconnect the device from the internet.

-Within a few seconds the game will return you to the main menu with the following error: Unexpected error while joining the session.

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