The beta version not allowing DLC blocks again

Trippy Rabbit shared this feedback 13 months ago

All of a sudden, my beta copy is not allowing me to use my DLC packs in game.

I have the base game, beta and DLCs all installed internal and not on external HD.

The beta is not recognizing the DLC packs from the store.

They work fine with the retail version but the beta just won't load them.

Also, even though I own both editions and have them installed, the Xbox store says I don't.

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I fixed the store issue by uninstalling, resetting and redownloading, but the beta is still not recognising the DLC packs.


When the DLCs are installed, start the Retail game and wait until it has loaded the Main menu. The close it and start the Beta. The DLCs should appear now. Happens to me every time.

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