New velocity option for rotors/pistons/hinges

Trippy Rabbit shared this feedback 10 months ago

I've found I need to move backwards at a different speed than I do going forward.

As a solution, add an option to all three like the lock option, This option could be called "controlled Movement", Ticking the option unlocks two sliders that are otherwise grayed out by default. One for positive velocity, and the other for negative velocity. For example, Positive velocity at 10m/s but Negative velocity at -5m/s.

If you put the negative slider as a positive value, based on the fact it has its own slider not split in half, you'll only confuse players. Keep the values the same, we know forward is positive, and backwards is negative. Lol

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We won't implement it in Beta, but we may consider this feature in the future. Please, create a ticket in standard Xbox support feedback.

Thank you for your feedback!


Why have the same response for everything. Some of these ore genuine bugs and problems that need to be fixed.

Its like your too busy making new content to sell rather than fixing the old content.

Don't be like EA and Bethesda. If there's a time to fix existing content, and add what the community want, it's now.