Larger planet restrictions......PLEASE

Trippy Rabbit shared this feedback 10 months ago

I mean c'mon. This is self explanatory. We know the game can handle way larger planets than 120k.

Give us the option in the experimental mode on the beta with the warning like, adding mods or disabling block limits.

Ive tested on pc at 1000k radius and there was no impact to performance. Granted it's on pc and the textures are stretched, but just on that, I know the Xbox could handle at least 500k.

But, to do this you would have to have a limit on the amount of planetary bodies that can be spawned, and not have asteroids spawn within the gravity field, because that's just immersion breaking.

Right now, as you know, you can choose up to three planets or moons and spawn them as many times as you like. The rule of three doesn't need to change but the overall amount limit does. Say maximum of 5 bodies per 1million kilometres.

Obviously this would not be available if the world size is not unlimited.

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We won't implement it in Beta, but we may consider this feature in the future. Please, create a ticket in standard Xbox support feedback.

Thank you for your feedback!