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Wheels Cause Grids To Slowly Veer In Direction Of Last Steer

ApexAlphaGaming shared this bug 2 years ago

Whenever driving a rover and using the wheels to turn, (as in not a gyroscope), the last steer, (as in left or right), causes the new "forward" direction, (when wheels angle forwards), to be off slightly.

Basically if I am driving a grid with wheels, (any number of them), and I steer left to adjust my rover, then release the key bound to left, the wheels aim straight again, however the rover will lean to the left slightly. If I put a gyroscope on the grid and use the mouse to steer, this does not happen. This only happens when the wheels are used to adjust the angle of the direction of the grid.

The wheels are not returning to a perfect 0° angle. Their forward angle is not resetting back to the original.

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