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Waypoints disappearing in new Wave Survival Scenario

Cheyne Stahlhut shared this bug 20 months ago

This was a bug with Visual Scripting I came across almost 12 months ago, essentially if you make a way-point using Visual Scripting for whatever reason I disappears randomly 10-15 mins later if you don't stare fixedly at it.

The fix for me was changing the way-points color in a new node after making said way-point. That way they always stayed no matter what.

A secondary way I found was once the GPS point spawns in, if you go into K menu and change something like click ShowOnHud off/on the text will change from a dark grey color to white/blue and then become permanent.

I vaguely recall when I was looking in the .SBC files it had something to do with a flag that wasnt getting put against the way-point to make it permanent so the game cleared it out but if I did either of the two above methods, that flag changed.

Looks like this bug has carried over to the update.