The Safezones, as they are, hurt pvp.

K & H shared this feedback 5 months ago

I can understand the need for safezones to establish trade stations, and I can understand that a player should have some form of protection so they don't get completely wiped; that being said, the current way that safezones work prevent any form of base raiding at all. The amount of firepower it takes to sustain a siege is astronomically disproportionate to the assets within the base. This is not to say that the siege idea itself is bad - I like the idea of a prolonged engagement, but not 12 hours long. There are a myriad of ways to break through, especially if the raider goes offline, including torpedos, just plain brute force, and my most favorite, kicking your own ship out of the safezone to achieve instantaneous 100m/s (keep that one, it's pretty funny). I don't propose that safezones should be removed, simply changed: there need to be a trade-off for people who want to use it for non-trading purposes, such as a global broadcast or a siege mode, where engaging a siege will give the safe zone a set timer before it shuts off, which would give the faction enough time to organize a counterattack or retreat. Currently, the risk/reward is simply too overwhelming to even contemplate a raid.

TLDR: The safezone blocks makes raiding bases impossible, and therefore removes a mojor pvp aspect of the game.