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Jack Collier shared this feedback 2 months ago

1. Smaller jumpdrives

A smaller variant of the jumpdrive a significant decrease to range but at least the ships can jump a 1x1x1 block jumpdrive will do fine, and you could release a small grid jumpdrive, I would also suggest that a cooler portal like animation could play but you have to accelerate through it and other ships can go through it at a cost of your own energy, it could collapse behind you.

2. Hybrid engines and better thrust *flames*

isn't it annoying that if you want ion and hydrogen thrusters you have to place two and they cant go at the same time well these Hybrid engines do both jobs more expensive, but less you don't need as much hydrogen on the hydrogen mode there can be a switching mechanic on them when going into a atmosphere. Also maybe better thruster Flame animation if you could give it more gradient nearer the middle and a bit more flickering for hydrogen that would be ok.

3. More complex pieces

To be honest everyone needs mods but that might cause lag and creations need that mod and it will be annoying why just add them into the game to make it easer.

4. Small grid blocks snapped onto large grid blocks

instead of using a giant rotor just to move your tiny door make it like a 4x4 snapping tool it small grid blocks snap onto the larger ones it would really make the game cooler and more free to build not in game restrictions

5. Small grid doors

you added a small air vent why not doors you got a external seat and small grid glass so why no doors also more variant of door instead of the original two make one slide upwards or a sliding door base but it actually goes into the walls and window doors because we need more

6. Prefab ships

instead of having complex builds you can have a easy 1 block ship with all life support functions like one on the ground or in space or space and ground or different sizes and rovers because why not.

7. Robotic arms

arms that grab onto your ship like a grapping hook just close range and more controllable can dock a ship into your hangar without stopping

8. Grappling hooks

you know those unknown signals you can use them to pull them into your hangar or pieces of debris into your deconstruction bay could be very useful

9. airtight connectors instead of using mergeblocks to dock have a connector that you can walk through and when docked completely airtight

10. blast doors mechanics

blast door edge pieces become airtight when close to each other making them ACCTUALLY USEFUL!!!

11. Scrap piles

To reduce lag blocks when they are destroyed release a scrap pile it can block your way and takes (10 seconds) Forever to grind down

12. Dynamic fires, realistic atmospheres, overheating, engine fires, explosions

all of the things listed above can cause fires the fires can be put out by fire extinguishers and each ones can be stopped by, Realistic atmospheres Silicon plates, overheating, low temperatures engine fires, Armor, Explosions, Armor or point defense

Realistic atmospheres they produce a Firey affect when going in to a atmosphere alien would have a thicker atmosphere when mars has a thinner one

overheating it would be better as turrets constantly fire so you might want to let it cool down before you whole ship is a blazing mess

13. Smaller h2 tanks

a 2x2x2 tank would be more helpful

14. Jefferies tubes

cargo tubes but you can walk in them good for ambushes and repairs inside the gut of the ship

15. (25 more to go) H2 tubes and wires

instead of a cargo tube you can have many little tubes going into the engine and you will need wires to attach that refinery of yours (lights are fine they don't need wires) they can also be overheated or combust into a fire

16. Food and water

you can grow food and melt ice into water farms can be good for alien planets like hydroponics JUST ADD IT thank you

17. Extendable solar panels

we need energy and they might snap off through the atmosphere so you can retract them

18. Orbits slowly moving orbits can be cool, or you can make the planets rotate and visible clouds in orbit could be more realistic

19. Bigger arsenal

plasma weapons, railguns, lasers, junk throwers, Anything

20. Explosive decompression

if a hole is ruptured in your pressurized environment it sucks pieces around it to form a bigger hole and how much air is in the room it depressurises to that volume of space and sucks people out of it

21. able to take suit off at armory

it can give you a running boost and you will be cooler can die easer to shots

22. free placement to put small grid blocks anywhere on larger ones or placing that weapon on the table

23. Radioactivity

hazmat suits and reactor cores Have fun

24. Reactors need water

reactors need uranium and water to run and a vent into space to produce power

25. vents and temperature to cool down or heat up places

26. sprinklers to remotely or autonomously douse flames

fire also consumes oxygen a lot of it

27. proximity chat and device on wrist

the device can be used to type or see anyones comms and you have your bottom left part of you screen not filled with spam

28. an enemy called the VOX

they hate heat and love the cold and have a ai to board your ship they can destroy the toughest of cruisers and eventually consume your ship

29. better spacesuits that look more futuristic and the clearest glass all around apart from the back of the head of the helmet and a chestplate that looks like a cybertruck

30. Other solar systems

And that we are done

Made by Astr0Jack in space engineers

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Oh and Buff the speed up to 300 mps