(suggestion) smaller jumpdrives

Jack Collier shared this feedback 3 months ago

a 1x1x1 block able to go 1000km less expensive and less bulky

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I like that.

Small and large block.

Maybe 60k to 100k range.

Controllable from scrips, remote, and such (Would like the PAM script to work with it).


I use tech blocks on my server.

And the small grid jumpdrive has the same block size as the large vanilla 3x3x2. The elite can jump 400Km on a grid of up to 700000Kg.

It is another good idea to be transformed into vanilla. Just like the small hydrogen tank was.



I support this for the following reasons:

1. Some ships may only need to jump 50, 100, 200k and are not traversing the space between stations and far out trade stations.

2. small grids are completely left out.

3. the large size of 3x3x2 is quite a design constraint.

4. Adjust the calculator for mass/distance to not max out at 2000km. If its a light ship, let the drive go further. 1 million kg - 2000km is a baseline.

5. larger jump drives for bigger ships. This would reduce server lag for people who find it necessary to put 60+ jump drives on their massive heavy ships.... (I dont build them, but some people feel the need to compensate for something..)


Yes on all except #3