Store Block to Sell own Blueprints

Mattizzle shared this feedback 5 months ago

So after not playing for a while and with the awesome economy update I had a idea for me and my friends I would make space stations that sell ships and make a dogfight arena and a race track with winners getting credits and buying the race ships and dog fight ships from the store. This would mean survival could be enabled and my friends wouldn’t have to worry about rebuilding ships each time, but I found out that the ship selling was not enabled.

This bummed me out a little but I am determined enough to suggest it here! Please make this a feature or at least a tickable option, I understand there may be balancing issues with this but for private servers and hosted local servers with some friends I don't see a problem with doing this of course I am not a game developer so I don't know what problems implementing this could present but I am expressing my passion for this feature here nonetheless!

This is a fantastic game and I only want to see it get better and better, happy 6 years and keep it up KSH!