Phantom Land / Snow

David Rounkles shared this bug 5 months ago

Hi Guys,

Not sure where to start with this. For the last couple of days I have had some really strange "lag" issues, I wouldn't be able to go threw doors in my base or I would walk down a ramp or stairs and it would almost be like my character's legs would break and I would not be able to move around very well at all. My friends would come over to my base and have very similar issues and yet at their base they would have no issues.

Then this morning I log in to the game and my base is filled with snow, strangely looking much like the mountainside when I first moved to the area.

Anyhow, I have included some screenshots. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be causing any errors in the logs nor causing the server to physically lag. It just makes it sure hell for me to run around my base.

I hope this helps you guys out If you happen to know of a way to fix it without killing the world that would be great but I guess I will just have to move my base for now.

Thanks for all you do and thank you for a great game (even if there are a few bugs here and there heheheh)