Cargo Pod Loot (unknown signals)

Johan Krooneman shared this feedback 19 months ago

The context of a cargo pod falling from the sky or appearing in space seems to be a form of aid.

Despite this, Cargo Pods (aside from a few useful early game tools) only ever contain very basic construction items. In a regular game, I'm only ever drawn to them when I feel like I want to attempt getting a skin or I'm low on iron/being lazy.

If it actually contained some of the more specialist items that enable you to build early production machinery it would be much more useful to players, especially when they might be lacking critical components in order to survive.

Cargo Pod drop table currently:

  • Steel Plates
  • Interior Plates
  • Motors
  • Construction Components
  • Enhanced Drill, Enhanced Grinder, Enhanced Welder.

I propose that more components are added to this list:

  • Large Steel Tubes
  • Small Steel Tubes
  • Girders
  • Power Cells
  • Solar Cells

None of these items require any other resource than Iron, Nickel or Silicon and all of them can be crafted at a Basic Assembler - so it doesn't break progression in any way unless you wanted to restrict it to the Survival Kit craftables only, in which case you would exclude the Steel Tubes.

Considering a scenario where your Survival Kit breaks beyond repair before you crafted any/enough Girders and Solar Cells, you don't have a (reasonable) method to obtain components or progression to get anywhere.

Emergency Cargo Pod to the rescue?

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