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Merge/De-Render Hidden Faces on SCI-FI Interior Walls to Increase Performance

jglenn1562 shared this feedback 5 months ago
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From what I see, it looks like armor blocks, and the original interior walls do this thankfully. However, after taking a look inside at the SCI-FI interior walls with the spectator camera, it appears that these do not merge/de-render their hidden faces.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, hidden faces are the sides of blocks that are hidden from us, due to them being covered by another block. If we cannot see that surface on a block, then the game should not be rendering it, and if the game is not rendering all those surfaces, it will allow your computer to process the rest of the graphics that matter, sooner, thus increased performance.

I've seen other topics posted here regarding this issue, however this is primarily focused on the SCI-FI interior walls. If the standard interior walls already do this, why not the SCI-FI variant?

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