"X-ray screens", or an alternative to glass canopies

Auhrii shared this feedback 2 years ago

Windows are a structural weakness. Engineers should not use them.

In all seriousness, wouldn't it be great to have your ship's helm buried deep under layers of heavy armour and have the visibility of a glass canopy? I propose a new option for (opaque) LCD panels - an x-ray mode that stops rendering the panel, as well as any of the ship it's connected to that's behind it.

However, this would have a major caveat: It would require cameras; specifically, at least one pointing forwards, left, right, up and down in relation to the LCD panel. If any of these cameras don't exist or are damaged, the "x-ray canopy" stops working.

X-ray canopies have been a long sought-after feature, and this approach shouldn't have the performance issues that would be present with a picture-in-picture rendering system.

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