Wheel sound additions

SpaceEngineers_Love_CZ shared this feedback 4 years ago

Hello keen

So... I was just playing around with some wheeled vehicles, driving around the planet, but something was missing. It was not as exciting as i always expect. Something was missing. And then i realised, that the wheel/vehicle sound is not very significant. So i got this idea:

I thought about adding new sound, or sets of souds to wheels, so driving some vehicles feels more adapted to what's actually happening... First of all, the wheels have no spinning sound! I can only hear the contact with the ground, but there is no motor sound. I would love that electric motor sound linearly pitching with the wheels rotation speed. Another thing that is quite off is the gravel-ish sound when riding on blocks! It does not feel like going on metal, or smooth surface at all.

I understand that you might be working on some diffrent features, but audio is quite important as well. It can completly change the feeling of the game. You could also include it into some new "sound" dlc with configureable wheel sound, or add it into some existing dlc, that's up to you.

That's all from me, thanks for this awesome game, keep it up!


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