What if Tokens can be used as "currency"?

Spets shared this feedback 17 months ago

Tokens are already in the game. (thrust me, some people doesn't even know they exist or what are they for, or how to obtain them)

Why not make this tokens something more useful, visible, fun? Could it be possible to put this Tokens inside Cargo Ships, perhaps inside Pirate Bases, Random Encounters, Loot signals? But of course in very little amounts, otherwise people could easily cheat. Or perhaps, like the random loot Skins, you can limit the amount of Tokens you can get per day.

EDIT1: ok, I forgot to add one part. What can we do with this Tokens?

Well, right now its only use is to exchange them for random skins. Is like buying a lottery ticket and win a random price or something like that. And, it is kinda fun, at least for me. But what if we can expand it, and perhaps buy/exchange this Tokens for something that is not possible to obtain in other way? Rare materials maybe, to build even more advanced tools, or upgrades. Ok, this part is way too complicated, and my idea will not be the like for everyone else for sure :/