Visual Scripting Tool: SunRotation

Djelle shared this feedback 3 months ago

This is my (very bad) experience with the different SunRotation functions. while trying to make a scenario option to change between day and night for a race.

I can use SunRotationSetTime to set a time obviously. But the result varies. After some testing, I believe the time is a 24h clock. I then determined that 17 was a suitable daylight time. But that is not the case every time I run the scenario. So setting the SunRotationTime is of no use for this. Might also change depending on SunRotationSetDayLength.

Then I had to give up and decided to try another approach, by letting the day run fast until IsOnDarkSide is false. And then let the day run for a specific amount of time. But SE crashes every time IsOnDarkSide is invoked.

As a last resort I made two buttons to add/dec 2h to sun rotation. Which also didn't work completely as intended. When I load the scenario in SE, at first these +-2h buttons seams to do more like +-15 mins. Until I make the script do a SunRotationSetDayLength of 1440.

Another "problem" is that I have to enable SunRotationEnabled for SunRotationSetTime to work. And then disable SunRotationEnabled with a delay of 1.

Yet another observation is, when running the script in SE, and then as the first thing the script do SunRotationSetTime = SunRotationGetCurrentTime (Which is always zero at start), I would expect nothing to happen. But the sun rotation actually changes randomly.

My guess is that some of these problems are related to the admin option to change the time of day. Which probably doesn't actually change the actual time. But rather just add time to it. Which is forgotten when game is restarted.

Which is another related problem. Why can't I change the time via the admin option, when sun rotation is disabled? I don't see a reason for this.

Just trying to keep my optimisme intact when wrestling this otherwise wonderful game :)