Visual Scripting GUI requests

DonCDXX shared this feedback 2 years ago

I love the improvements, but there's a few small things I'd like to request to be improved on the interface. I attached a screenshot of how it looks on my PC.

The text is being truncated despite more than adequate space to display in entirety. My resolution is 3840x2160 so there's plenty of room. In the screen you can see the truncated text on the toolbox, scenario explorer, and even on the buttons along the top. I assume it's related to my windows setting for extremely large text, but I need the text to be large at this resolution.

On the issue of size, I'd like to request settings to control the font sizes within the program if reasonable.

I'm also having a problem closing the program when I'm done. The normal red area with the X doesn't seem to click. There also doesn't seem to be a menu with a close option. I have to exit with task manager every time.

Last request is a darker color theme. Black or dark gray background with white text is easier on the eyes especially when working at night as I generally do.

I know these are all non-essentials, but I hope you consider them.

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