Use a remote from a remote

Alexandre Huppe shared this feedback 3 months ago

Since I like to have the same controls on a ship when controlling it locally or remotely, I began using systematically a remote control block and each cockpit just as a "link" to this remote control.

This introduce a limitation: I can't use an other remote control (subsystem) nor control a turret (I guess it's coded as a remote control block).

Therefore, I would like to be able to go deeper than "1 level" of remote control. Event if it would be limited to 2 level, it would be better, but if I can get more I would gladly take it.

I also see this could introduce the possibility to remote control a drone and then take control of a turret (instead of "exiting" the control, using the remote terminal to then take control of the turret). So it won't add something we can't already do, just make it more simple / streamline the process.