uranium cores ( update to reactors)

Roni dude shared this feedback 2 years ago

is it just me or does SE make uranium or nuclear power seem... way way to easy/simple, now im not saying to make it this a supper long process that takes forever and is supper complex, but i do think its in need of improvement and i think my idea will help solve some problems with power and for players to not just have 1 large reactor filled with like 40k of uranium and lasts them 50 years. so my idea is the implementation of nuclear cores, nuclear cores will be refined uranium in a metal core thats able to be placed into reactors and each core can only contain 0.50 uranium . reactors cant hold infinite amount of cores either the(large grid) small reactor can only hold 3 cores while the large grid reactor can hold 12 or 6k of uranium (large grid reactors can pump out a much larger sum of energy than a small grid one)( small grid) reactors for the the small reactor it can only hold 1 and for the large reactors they can only hold 4. i feel like the energy aspect of the game is pretty bad... you find uranium once and your set forever, but of course they also need to update ore scarcity too, but besides that i think this would be a pretty cool feature to the game, and adding more of a complex aspect to reactors, and also gives more logic rather than just sticking uranium into a reactor . anyways hope you enjoy :)