Unknown signals - They could trigger new things!

Juksefantomet shared this feedback 2 years ago

I enjoy the unknown signals, but let's be honest. It's salvage and a button press.

Here is a list of features that could be triggered by unknown signals, discussed with buddies and fellow players on the servers!

Some of these are inspired by existing mods and/or modified versions of existing mods.

1. Encapsulated ships-wrecks - In ice! It would very exciting to be able to find crashed ships / ship-wrecks inside ice lakes and iceteroids (ice-asteroids). The unknown signal would then be from the ship that's frozen. (longer timer before it disappears)

2. Upon arrival, the signal entity triggers a distress beacon and 1-x pirate ships arrive, the difficulty can vary from signal strength, so weak ones trigger few ships.

3. Upon triggering the button, in addition to loot / skin, you can also get a transmitted message, leading to other events. like encapsulated ship in ice above, or distress beacons, where you play the pirate role and rescue the signal pod.

If you got an idea comment it :D

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