Turret Rebalance

Zebralear shared this feedback 34 days ago

I love SE. It’s a great game, and it’s pretty well polished. Though, with that said, the game isn’t perfect.

Let me start with my biggest gripe with the game- turrets. I absolutely hate turrets with a burning passion, but I’m not here to rant, so I’lll just get to the suggestions.

Firstly, I’ve read that large grid decoys fail to draw fire from small grid ships if the ship is closer than the decoy. To me, though, this makes sense- the turrets would take out the biggest threat first, which would be the thing that’s really close and moving quickly. However, this causes the very large problem where turrets, especially missiles, never fail to destroy small grid fighters due to their pinpoint accuracy. I understand that changing direction can help, but to do that, you’d have to be able to see the missiles coming- no matter where they are, which is impossible for one person to do. That being said, I propose a few solutions to this issue.

Suggestion 1: Turret Jammers. Very simply, these small grid exclusive blocks would, when powered and turned on, disable or delay the aim of any turrets targeting the grid they belong to (note, this wouldn’t work on subgrids.)

Suggestion 2: “dumber” turrets.” Even more simple than the first suggestion, it would simply make turrets slower to target and fire, and cause some missiles to miss their target,

If nothing else, then it would stand to make the game more realistic if Gatling Turrets did less damage to grids, shot faster, and had a much larger bullet spread. Additionally, missiles have a much longer range than bullets, so those projectiles should, in my opinion, travel further than 800m (perhaps 1.2km?). Additionally, missile turrets should be less accurate against faster moving ships (potentially get the target’s velocity and direction relative to the turret like is already done, but then make it so as targets approach 200m/s (both ships max speed in opposite directions), the turret’s accuracy decreases. The increased projectile range, alongside the inaccuracy in targeting would make player-controlling turrets useful, as it would allow for more accurate shooting in skilled hands. Now, Interior turrets. I think the range on these should be something like 300m- It’s just a rifle on a couple rotors after all... However, it should have more HP, and a small ship variant that could only target missiles, but would do so with unmatched reliability. This would make small grid fighters a huge resource in combat, as they could take out not only missiles heading for their grid, but those heading for the flagship too. Unlike the other turrets, this should have pinpoint accuracy, but also not function when on a subgrid (as to avoid abuse by placing on rotors).

Honestly, I love SE, but even in PVE, it is just a war of turret spam, and that gets boring quite quickly in my opinion... And that brings up the idea of making encounters more dynamic, but I think I’ll leave that for a time when I have more solid suggestions.