Trash Cleanup settings are extremely sensitive and can't be used effectively.

Xero shared this feedback 2 years ago

I tried some different settings on the trash cleanup, I at first selected all options except for the respawn point option. However, the settings for player distance is extremely sensitive and if you so much as get near the point (i used 100m for example) ships will delete without warning entirely.

The cleanup I want to do, is ANY grid less than 5 blocks, more than 100m from any player. However, this deletes everything regardless of the grid itself.

To test this accurately I setup my trash removal like so.

All options except 'with respawn point' are checked.

Less blocks than 5

distance from player 10 (for testing)

time since logout 0 (disabled)

optimal grid count 10

delete offline char after 60 minutes

I attempted to build a structure to place a medbay, 4 blocks, and it was removed before i could even get the fourth block placed.

There seems to be no timer and the cleanup is just constantly trying to run, which is an issue because in addition to this, I spammed out grids in creative mode for testing and ... as soon as you break the optimal grid count of 10, it deletes all grids at random.

So I did think and... obviously 10 grids isn't that much on a server. so i put together a section of grids where i could detach 200 grids at once, via a central block core, over 5 blocks each. and not over 1km from me. I made the optimal count of grids 201

i used 999 to make it easier...

once I removed the central core of the block, the cleanup ignored everything and just deleted all of the grids, I wasn't even able to reach the grid limit of 200at all. not even close to it.

I know it's a bit unrealistic to release 200 grids all at once, but... if the limit is 201 grids, and it just deletes everything that's bad.

IT should only delete when the limit is met, no matter the settings.

A passive cleanup for grids lessthan 2-5 blocks would be nicer to have, but you can't have both a grid limit and a simple cleanup, it just deletes everything.

As an active admin of a LIVE server, the cleanup is almost unusable for most situations I would want to use it for.