Too primitive assembly and refinery system.

Drakon Fire shared this feedback 7 months ago

Too primitive assembly and refinery system.

My main mod based on complex crafting

but most of the things I can’t realize.

1 - Assembler also knows how to disassemble objects, but it was necessary that there was a block that does not know how to disassemble. just craft !!

2 - The refinery understands only one ingredient recipe !! (if it’s ore, then yes) But if you add, for example, the second ingredient to complicate it, it starts to dull a lot !!

3 - Gas is gas, it is possible to convert to gas, but you cannot use gas as an ingredient (resource) for production !!!!

4 - A very simple system with a reactor, it does not need to be cooled and it does not generate waste. There is also no radiation. (As with ore).

5 - Assembler clogs its entire free space automatically. And when you ask a new task, he can no longer start it. !!

These moments greatly complicated the creation of my project, and I had to figure out how to get around this.

About the conveyor ports. I think the most correct idea is different ports (both input and output).

If you look at my project, you will probably understand what you had to go through and what to sacrifice.